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Newcastle Station Clock

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I Wish I’d Known

Right, so what they don’t tell you about when you finish your first three years of architectural education is that everyone leaves. If you want to stay in your university town you will have to learn what it’s like to try to live a normal life not living and breathing architecture. Having managed to get a couple of weeks work (installing new monitors and computers in the architecture studios – well it’s money at least) I have found myself working 9ish till 5ish every day and coming home to an empty house. None of the people who I knew on my road are still there; they have all moved home or to a completely different part of town! Even the velp has returned home (away from here) for summer.

Now, we have started getting a weekly organic veg delivery. The quality has been great so far, I’ve really enjoyed it. I have discovered that aubergine works fantastically on pizza and spinach dough works much better with fresh spinach than the frozen stuff I’ve been using all year. The aforementioned female is the vegetarian and so we tend to eat meatless meals in the evening, if I have meat I try and have it for lunch. When she’s not around however, I don’t really know what to cook in the evenings. Since I am off travelling at the end of the week I want to use up as much food as I possibly can and not buy anything new in, and hence to make the most of my carnivorous freedom I decided to go for my least favourite thing to cook tonight.

Now they say pasta is a student’s dream but I just find it hideously boring. I think I’ve got away with cooking it less than five times this academic year. With my pasta I managed to use up a nice selection of beans, including broad beans which I have realised are just as much fun to shell as they were when I was six on the allotment with my Grandad. There’s some onion and fresh spinach on there as well (and let's not forget the generous sprinkling of grated applewood). I only wish that I had a vegetarian here to enjoy this feast which although tasty, I have to say does not really satisfy my cravings for meat!

Maybe I will make another vaguely relevant architectural post on here in the future. To be honest I just thought I’d share my attempt at ‘student food’. (Having just graduated and all).

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