Newcastle Station Clock

Newcastle Station Clock

Monday, 9 December 2013

Arrogant Architects 005

    Renzo Piano

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Excrement Utopia

After an 18 month absence, it's time to welcome back one of my favourite mini-series; yes, it's the return of "small conceptual projects that are poorly thought through and even more poorly explained"!

This time it will be the lambasting of a scheme by Milo Ayden De Luca to provide temporary shelter for homeless people mounted on streetlights named Excrescent Utopia. This is something of a first for the series: previous projects have centred around masturbatory self-inspiration and inept interpretation, or bourguois £400 a night camping holidays. As the first project with a genuine aim to help those in need, I had best make sure that my criticisms are both warranted and comprehensive.

Why we should listen to Kanye (even though he doesn't deserve it)

It must be that time of the month again for Kanye West because this week he took it upon himself to be a bloody nuisance and 'grab the attention' of the design world again.

Yes, for those of you that missed it, Kanye West decided once again to show off his seriousness as a 'designer' by... jumping on a tabletop at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Yep, you read that correctly. A tabletop. Harvard. Predictably, people in the design world paid a moment's notice, rolled their eyes and tutted, before getting on with actually designing stuff - rather than pratting about like Kanye was doing.

Now before we get down to business, I want to ask two very good questions on behalf of Archiendo:

Arrogant Architects 004

    Norman Foster

Arrogant Architects 003

    Will Alsop

Arrogant Architects 002

    After a two year Hiatus Arrogant Architects is back!

    Buckminster Fuller