Newcastle Station Clock

Newcastle Station Clock


Random Point of Interest

Misinformed, doodler and coffee drinker. Random Point of Interest has strong views on building in context and at human scale and is a firm opponent of bizarre building concepts. Never happier than when things are coloured green, Random Point of Interest's favourite material is timber.

Architect's Conscience

Corporate Hippy, Red and 4th Dimensional Space. The Architect's Conscience has strong views on Eco Red Issues (not green) and  Human Hand scale buildings and is a firm opponent of anyone who uses the term sustainability to solely define a building. Never happier than when checking lineweights. The AC's favourite building philosophy is to honestly build in a responsible manner for the human.


Thinker-not-doer, cynical, closet physicist. ExtRORYdinary has strong (mostly negative) views on the commodification of architecture and Zaha Hadid, and is a firm opponent of anyone who downplays the political and psychological impact of architecture. Never happier than when two concepts collide and intertwine, extRORYdinary's favourite building designs have traditional, tactile materials and rarely have windows.

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