Newcastle Station Clock

Newcastle Station Clock

Friday, 12 August 2011

Two hours to kill in Liverpool

Due to my over cautiousness with time when booking connecting train tickets home from a flight into Liverpool I have found myself stuck in Liverpool south parkway waiting for a train for two hours with bugger all to do. This and the sudden drop in temperature from my last location have put me in a very bad mood. A bad mood that is being increased by a pet hate of mine in public buildings, piped music. So thanks to the free WiFi provided by Merseytravel, I'm too stingy to buy a mobile data package, I'm going to have a rant.

'Pause to gulp horrible boiling brown water the machine claimed to be coffee as the cafe is shut.'

Supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and train stations across the country seem to think that playing a generic sound track will create a nicer atmosphere that will convince us we are enjoying ourselves.

Right now Rio by Duran Duran is playing for the second time since I started writing, I am certainly not enjoying myself.

People are not here to rave, boogie or get down with it. They are here to use to rail network to get from A to B, all be it with a sizeable wait inbetween in my case. The music is not giving it an interesting atmosphere, especially not this selection of fine fromage.

As if to make a point Funkytown has just started playing.

I have no idea why people can't allow a place to supply it's own acoustical accompaniment. It's a train station for heavens sake! It's not as if the place is short of things going on, underneath this 'exquisite' audible cheeseboard one can hear the clinkering of suitcase wheels and tapping of shoes on the tile floor, the whirring of a train pulling out of the station and hiss of busses brake valves realising as they stop outside.

'Celebration by Kool and the Gang'

It's these noises that are the heart of the place and I urge Liverpool South Parkway, the wider transport network and anyone else who may be playing music in a building incessantily to turn off this noise, it is akin to an ASBO child playing tinny crap from their looted iPhone (other phones are available to loot).

On a lighter note there is a rather cool statue of a tiger crossed with a banana in the middle of the station, a photo will be attached once I get home.

Happy travels.

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