Newcastle Station Clock

Newcastle Station Clock

Monday, 14 May 2012

An archiendo appeal on behalf of ISPRADEFW

Susan asked that we keep her identity secret for fear of reprisals
This is an urgent appeal by archiendo on behalf of The International Society for the Protection and Rescue and Awareness of Disadvantaged Entourage Figures around the World (ISPRADEFW).

With final projects at architectural education establishments approaching, fears are growing of a greater than ever number of apocalyptic, distopian renders this year. Initial predictions have even mooted that renders could reach sizes well over A0 in size.

ISPRADEFW believe that this could leave to thousands of entourage being exposed to unnecessary dismay and depression at the hands of merciless students.

As part of a special investigation into this malpractice, archiendo sent special undercover reporters to the Dawn of the Apocalypse to interview some of those affected.

As I enter the Dawn of the Apocalypse the clouds gather over and the rain grows in strength. What light that does make it through the cloud cover casts an eerie, almost unnatural, light across the great megalithic concrete structures that line the street either side.
I hear the cry of crows above, and my security attachment immediately bundle me into a nearby building, seconds later a flock of oversized crows descend on where we stood moments ago, these aren't regular crows, these are killers.
As we hide from our pursuers in the cavernous spaces we hear a rustling from behind some what appears to be large hanging algae. I fear the worst, I am relieved when an entourage figure appears from the darkness. Initially she is scared of us, and who wouldn't be in this climate, but with some persuasion and the reassurance of my archiendo press card she agrees to talk.
She tells me of how earlier this year she was innocently working as entourage in a render for the Olympic Park when she was violently cut and paste into this dystopian hell. Since then everyday has been a fight for survival, illness is writhe in these cold damp conditions and the only food to eat is hydroponic algae. She tells me how last summer she witnessed many figures being ripped apart by rioting robots who moved into the area. I asked if she lost any friends in this incident and she replies simply, "no, you don't make friends here, you will only end up mourning their loss." However she tells me the biggest risk here is not the robots or illness, it is the birds, overgrown and vicious, these predators of the sky circle the building tops striking down upon any entourage figure they see.
Sources informed me that just four days after our chance encounter, she was crushed to death by a passing walking city.
The issues highlighted here are not unique, thousands are in the same situation and many more will follow. But there is hope, ISPRADEFW hope to provide refuges of colour for entourage figures, places where they can live without fear of strikes by robots or birds. And you can help, by pledging as little as one uplifting render a month you can help turn around the misfortunes thrust upon so many entourage figures. So please, Photoshop as much as you can and hopefully we can turn the tide.

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  1. I recently just met up with one of the key founders of ISPRADEFW,..
    ... she told me how she was kept in the dark with only a single thin sharp line of light for comfort...

    ...the world must find out about this...