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Newcastle Station Clock

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Michael Gove, You Plank!

Michael Gove from Robert Gordon School

Stephen Twigg from Southgate Comp
 So Michael Gove has decided to ban curves on all future schools. Well done sire, well done. Glad he's on the right page and understands everything there is about building schools.  Putting aside the fact that curved roofs are very efficient (think of an arched bridge) there really is no need to create enriching spaces in which kids can enrich their minds.

So we at archiendo were curious what sort of school Michael Gove was educated in. Surely it must be a little comprehensive yes? He must be a man who really understands what it is like to spend 15 years of a depressing education cramped into a featureless box day in and day out. An education he must of had where the teachers are induced into heavy lethargy by their shoddy staff rooms; the kids trapped by bullies in narrow corridors and classrooms that trap the kids at a desk (almost a precursor for the uninspiring keyboard tapping mouse shuffling duties of their future)

Sadly not.

So here are the schools that our politicians came from... does your environment affect who you become?

David Cameron from Eton

George Osborne from Eton

Boris Johnson from Eton

Nick Clegg from Caldicott School

Vince Cable from Nunthorpe Grammar School

Ed Milliband from Haverstock College
Gordon Brown from Kirkcaldy

Tony Blair from Fettes College

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