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Friday, 25 January 2013

Ask yourself

Firstly, I would like to apologise for my absence, I know it has been a long time since my last post. I have finally decided to give in from the constant pleas for me to return which were mentioned in passing by one person back in November.
The reason for my return is this, it is my opinion that I may have inadvertently stumbled upon something which could give meaning to every single thing you ever do.
It came to me one grim January evening when I was alone in my flat; I was making my way through my seventh bowl of mushroom soup in as many days (bulk buying veg to save money does have its drawbacks). To keep me company I had nothing but The One Show, the highlight of the evening was going to be Question Time, but that was over three hours away. The wind was rattling through the window's gaps and the fire was providing little respite to the cold. As the TV presenters introduced another article I had little interest in, probably Gyles Brandreith on how turnips helped to win the Battle of Waterloo or something, it came to me;

The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything...
'What can I do, to stop being bored?'
Its a simple enough question, you may have already asked yourself it today, it may even be why your enlightening and entertaining yourself on this very blog, but it is a question of great significance, to, well, life, the universe and everything.
When you utter the words "I'm bored," you are announcing that you are bored with a universe which made which has a billion, billion, billion, billion, billion, billion, billion, BILLION points of fascination to be discovered [Cox, 2012]. Having being evolved over millennia your ancestors have evolved you into a homo sapien with a brain quite capable of being able to wonder at everything from the big bang onwards, but instead your sat there thinking "I'm bored!" Well your ancestors called and they want you to know that they are all incredibly disappointed with you, every single one down to the universal common ancestor.<br>
So instead of sitting there thinking "I'm bored," why don't you ask yourself "What can I do, to stop being bored?" You might even achieve something worthwhile!
Do you think that Darwin was bored when he was writing On the Origin of Species? Do you think Einstein was bored when he worked out mass-energy equivanlence? Do you thin Watt was bored when he was improving the steam engine? -No!
But you don't have to be doing something to change the modern world to stop being bored, just do something, anything. Now as this is a design and architecture blog, I will assume that you are a design or architecture type person. So I will also assume like me that like me you have many ideas of things to design or make, that you have stashed away on a back burner because you haven't had time for them. But, if your saying "I'm bored" then that seems to suggest you have time for them, time right now! Just get on with it, try it and if it doesn't work out so what, you've still realised that it didn't work out and you've spent the past however many hours not being bored. If you don't finish it, put it aside and come back to it next time you get bored. If it does work out, fantastic! You've now got a whatever it is!
Here's a tip to keep a constant stream of anti-boredom in you life. If you ever come across something that you might want to try making/designing/writing sometime, write in a sketchbook, save it in a bookmark tab or save a photo of it in a folder of Things to Do When Bored.
So finish reading this post, read any other posts on the blog you wanted to, and get up and do it, you know want to.
You may be asking yourself, great, but how does that question bring about the answer '42'? Well, this post is number 42 on archiendo, and I was bored this evening. So remember this advice, and also, wear sunscreen.

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